I have been back to the island 4 times since the accident. I was lucky enough to be able to bring my mother in 2001 for the first year anniversary. It was a very emotional and moving experience. It was only 2 weeks after the September 11th attacks in the United States and it was a difficult time to travel, but it was worth it. We were on the ferry arriving the day before the one year memorial and the ferry stopped momentarily in front of the rocks we had hit the prevoius year for a moment of silence, as we stood there remembering - two dolphins jumped out of the water in front of the rocks. The next day at the church services there was a metal art memorial another survivor made and shipped to the island. When my mom saw it she couldn't believe it!  Two dolphins. 

On the five year annivesary I again returned to the island. I had just lost my mother to breast cancer and was losing my father to brain cancer. It was a tough time, but I had to come. This time Christine was able to join me and we met up with another surviver who had unfortunately lost his wife in the accident. We spent the evening after the memorial sharing our experience. I can not explain how good it feels to share with someone who has been not only in a simmilar accident but the very same. 
On the 10 year anniversay I returned again, this time with my two brothers, a friend and my step mom. We brought a statue that I had made at home and we installed it looking out at the rocks. It has since weathered and fallen, something I'm thinking about how to fix for the 20 year. We also we fortunate enough to meet up with Svetlana and Dmitri from the lifeboat. What an incredible bond we have. I also scuba dived the wreck, I learned to dive after the accident, wanting to get over my fear of water. Diving the wreck was an intensely emotional process. 
On the 15th year anniversary I was lucky enough to bring 4 of my friends and my brother as well. We were joined by the other survivor I had met in 2005 and his sons again, but we also met another couple who had been on the ship that night. This was their first time back to the island and we spent a magical night on the beach sharing our experiences of the accident as well as life after the accident. Once again I cannot express how important this is to the process of healing. Spending time with people who may have had a different experience but lived through the same ordeal.